Three Considerations For Cleaning LED Crystal Chandelier

Oct. 29, 2018

Three considerations for cleaning LED Crystal Chandelier:

A. Do not rotate the lamp body: When cleaning the lamp, do not rotate the lamp body to prevent the screw from loosening and causing unsafe accidents. 

B. Check the connecting parts: Check the firmness of the lamp body connecting parts at the same time, and find that the loose screws should be tightened smoothly, and the spiral wires with the danger of sliding teeth should be replaced immediately to ensure safety.

C. Keep the bead string flat: When the bead string is cleaned (especially on the upper and lower net parts), the bead string is twisted (this phenomenon is easy to occur with a spring round buckle or an oval buckle), which should be adjusted to achieve a flattening effect; if it is flat The "butterfly buckle" is connected in series, and the front side of the buckle should be consistently facing outwards, and the interface should be inward to be beautiful and uniform.

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