Four Trends In The Development Of Stainless Lamp

Sep. 14, 2018

With the continuous advancement of modern lighting technology, the extensive use of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, as well as people's in-depth research on various lighting principles and their use environments, have broken through the traditional concept of simple lighting and lighting environment. It enriches the expression and beautification of the Stainless Lamp and lighting to the lighting environment.

Adopting computer-aided design, through the brightness of the lighting place, the requirements of the light distribution curve, the function of the lamp, and the structural design, the lamp can pay more attention to the decorative aesthetic effect of the appearance of the lamp under the premise of satisfying the practical needs and maximizing the effect of the light source. This formed the four major trends in the development of Stainless Steel Hanging Light.

1. Apply energy efficient light sources.

2. Focus on the development of integrated lighting technology.

3. To the development of multi-functional miniaturization.

4. From the simple lighting function to the development of lighting and decoration.

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