Hello 2019! How to Order from Inlamp?

Dec. 31, 2018

How to order from us? There're two options attached as below: 

First: There're modern lighting, postmodern lighting, LED Lamps, accessory, European style lighting, Loft Design lighting, Affordable Luxury Chandelier from us, we'll make a quote to you if you give us specific inquiries from us. We provide the lighting for lighting wholesalers, lighting retails, even yourself family own use......

Second: Maybe we can help you that if you're ready for the hotel project, design, architects, cafe, restaurant, bar, at the heart of our lighting products range is the professional completed process as below: 

project negotiation → project design → research review → optimization scheme → place an order production, charge 30%-50% deposit → deepen the recognition → mold making → products production → product assembly → quality inspection → change 50%-70% tail section, on-time delivery → the carriage assembly→ installation guide → after the completion of the project will be all the information archive management, and transferred to after sale service process. 

Any questions please don't hesitate and contact us.Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019! How to Order from Inlamp?