What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic LED Hanging Lighting?

Oct. 24, 2018

Acrylic is a close relative of the glass family - plexiglass. It is also an early product of thermoplastics. So what are the advantages of Acrylic LED Hanging Lighting?

1. Color

The color is durable. Acrylic appearance has high gloss, bright color and long-lasting color for 5-8 years. In other words, it will not change color or fade within 5-8 years.

2. Light transmission

Strong light transmission. The acrylic sheet used in the outdoor advertising industry has extremely good light transmission, and the built-in light source makes the brightness uniform and soft at night. Compared with the neon light, the acrylic word of Zhongshan Guzhen is the whole light, unlike the neon light, the line is brighter and the neon light line is softer. .

3. Light source

Built-in light source. No external wiring, not easy to damage, first no external wiring, solve the problem that the neon wiring is not beautiful outside. The utility model solves the problems that the wire and the light source are exposed to the air and is easy to be short-circuited and fired. And because

Acrylic sealability is good, and it solves the problem that the rain can't turn on the light. It is often used in rain and snow.

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Acrylic LED Hanging Lighting